business writing on RFP responses

Lesson 6, REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL WRITING is a critically important skill for the business owner or manager. It provides a deep review of the RFP process and reveals strategies for winning bids.

The lesson briefly reviews the RFP process from the Requestor’s perspective. But, it quickly pivots to provide a deep understanding of the process for responding Vendors.  Time and time again, successful bid submissions have changed the fortunes of a company literally overnight.

It is critical to understand methods used for evaluating vendorsThe lesson reviews the importance of doing discovery on the Requestor. This discovery is often a missing piece of project due diligence. Its absence puts the unschooled Vendor to a disadvantage relative to other bidders.  The lesson details how to do reconnaissance on a requestor to know the criteria for vendor evaluation.

Most importantly, Lesson 6 spends a great deal of time discussing financials for both government and private RFPs.  Financials are the unacknowledged heart of any RFP submission.  It is also the area where most RFP submissions fail.  Financials often make or break an RFP submission. The lesson reveals secrets used in winning RFP.



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