business writing basics

It all starts with the Basics.

Much of what is covered in Lesson 1, the Basics of Business Writing, are general principles of all good professional business writing. This lesson discusses writing as a discipline and the habits of good writers. These are basics that many of us didn’t learn well enough in grade or high school.  But busy businesspeople don’t want to revisit or do a refresher course in high school English. Something that’s common in some corporate remedial writing classes. Professionals want to identify what writing hurdles they consistently encounter and consistently mishandle.

The Basics of Business Writing doesn’t attempt to School You Now” but to “Show You How”.

By helping identity personal weaknesses and repetitive mistakes, the lesson teaches students how to spot them and how to correct them. This is a key difference between the WRITING FOR BUSINESS and some other courses on business writing.

The Basics of Business Writing focuses on the foundational standards of good written written business communication. It reviews best practices in document structure, sentence formatting, and grammar.  The lesson emphasizes best practices such as using concise language and unambiguous words designed to express, not impress.

All writing has a clearly defined purpose.  That fact holds true in novels, dissertations, music lyrics, as well as business writing.  Writing should make a definite point. Hence, creating a roadmap of how a written document should be structured.  Good writing presents a specific theme with supportive facts, explanatory information, and credible sources that makeup content in its sentences and paragraphs.

The Basics of Business Writing Lesson package is a 45-minute HD video and a 70-page companion Workbook.






Goal of Language


Spelling & Grammar

4 Writing Considerations

Types of Structure

Common Misused Words

What is the Endgame?


Definition of Grammar

Target Audience

Font Size

Pro Tip:  Markup Symbols

What is Voice?

Font Selection

How to Improve

Tone of Voice


Run-On Paragraphs


Columns and Lists

Paragraph Rules



Homework Exercise

Run-On Sentences

Sentence Rules

Homework Exercise

Review of writing best practices related to business communications.

  • Goal of Language
  • Structure in Business Writing
  • Best Practices
  • Lesson 1 Workbook
  • Weekly Group Meetings