This 7-Lesson course improves

Business Writing and Business Smarts.

Business Writing at a level  considered professional is encountered daily by most.  Professional level is a combination of writing ability and business know-how.  It’s being able to not only converse intelligently via the written word but also show mastery of a broad range of subjects related to today’s business.

The WRITING FOR BUSINESS Lesson Series teaches business writing using real-world business situations.  As such, the user gains both writing skills and business management knowledge.

The Series consists of 7 individual lessons including the Basics of Business Writing, Everyday Correspondence, Marketing Writing, Web Writing, Proposal Writing, and Identity Communications.  

Each Lesson is packed full of information, insights, and best practices around a specific topic.  Lessons delve into business topics to dissect writing fundamentals.  All Lessons impart deep awareness of generalized subject matter topics that business people at all levels encounter.  Whether writing as a solo writer-thinker, contributing content as part of a team, or evaluating the strategic or tactical work of others, this is knowledge is invaluable. 


Why is Better Business Writing Important?

 Better writers are happier in their jobs. They receive more meaningful project and work assignments. They get more frequent promotions and acknowledgements. 

Business owners have better relationships with clients. They are comfortable writing up meeting notes, initiating proposals, and suggesting recommendations.  They are skilled at professional writing and have the respect of customers who view them as fully competent.

 High quality, professional writing skills translate into more money.   Good writers make on average $175,000 more over the life of their career without getting a promotion or raise.

Strong business writer

What is the Writing for Business Lesson Series?

So much of business is done through written communication. Whether it is drafting a contract, writing a proposal, or composing lyrics to a jingle. Writing is essential to business. Knowing how to write is an asset that serves the business professional well throughout his/her career.

But in business today, it’s not enough to just know how to write well. Businesspeople need a working knowledge of subjects not directly in their wheelhouse to be truly effective.

Subject matter like Marketing, Social Media, and Proposal Writing frequently come onto the radar screens of people in accounting, research, and other disciplines. And while they might not need to write about such subjects, they do need to be knowledgeable about them. Knowledge that is useful when evaluating strategies and tactics proposed by others. That’s what makes a Consummate Business Professional.

Writing for Business Complete Series

Not just Business Writing.
Business Know-How.

The WRITING FOR BUSINESS Lesson Series is an Instructor-Led, Self-Paced course. It is designed to impart both writing skills and business knowledge across the entire spectrum of business communications.

You learn at your own pace, in the privacy of your office or home. With the ability to pause and review any part of a lesson. Importantly,  WRITING FOR BUSINESS lessons are based on real business situations. So, you are not relearning 8th grade English. You will grasp writing concepts and gain business knowledge useful on the job tomorrow.

Optional Homework Assignments are part of most lessons. While not graded, submitted assignments are reviewed and feedback provided. 


So, you’re never alone with a difficult writing project. Never again will you suffer the embarrassment of asking a colleague for help. Never again will you get called on the carpet for a poorly written document.

A unique feature of Lesson purchase is WEEKLY GROUP MEETINGS. These meetings allow users to ask questions about any part of a lesson, or get assistance with an active writing task.

Purchasers of the Complete Series get invaluable ONE-ON-ONE COACHING ASSISTANCE.  Twelve 90-minute sessions with a business and writing expert who works closely with you to strategize about a project, a writing task, or a tactic. It’s like having a high-priced consultant on your team at absolutely no additional cost. So, you’re never alone with a difficult writing project.

Is It Easy To Use?

WRITING FOR BUSINESS Lessons are broken into manageable chunks. In only a few minutes, you can quickly move through a lesson and grasp its content.  Optional homework exercises are straightforward and easy to complete. These exercises provide practical, real-world written communication training.


The RESUME LESSON feature quickly returns you to the last page you visited whether that was 6 minutes ago,   6 days ago, 6 months or 6 years ago.


An overview of all modules and lesson topics are displayed in the LESSON SYLLABUS. Topics are hyperlinked for instant navigation to any syllabus area or lesson topic.


Group Meetings are conducted online every week at a designated time.  These sessions give lesson owners the opportunity to pose questions and have them answered to the benefit of all on the call.

All lesson owners are invited to participate in these Question-and-Answer sessions.  Open to All.

weekly business writing meetings
on-demand business writing coaching


Complete Series Purchasers Only

An important benefit of a Complete Series purchase is personal On-Demand Coaching with Marla Currie.

Discuss strategy, tactics, and of course, writing style and document structure for critical writing assignments like Business Proposals or RFPs.  See a marked improvement in business success through direct, one-on-one business coaching.


Marla Currie has extensive experience as a business writer.  She spent years working in management at top New York advertising agencies on Fortune 500 accounts.

Marla has deep knowledge of an array of business subjects including digital marketing.  She is certified in search engine optimization and marketing.

Marla Currie

Marla holds English and Business degrees. from top schools in the nation. She has taught business at the college level. 

Marla has a reputation for winning new business from written documents, including proposals and RFPs.  Over 84% of her RFPs have gone to the 2nd Round or won the bid.  Marla clearly knows the secret to crafting winning written responses.  She is also an avid writer on business topics especially for small business.

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